Archived Downloads

mcHF Manuals:

mcHF_Operators_Manual_firmware_ver_0_0_219_26.pdf – Operators manual by Clint(KA7OEI)

manual-mchf-sdr-ic.pdf – Builders manual in Spanish part 1 by Josep, EA3BDD

manual-mchf-sdr-iic.pdf – Builders manual in Spanish part 2 by Josep, EA3BDD

MCHF Building tips.pdf – Nice builder manual relating to v 0.6 components kit by Chuck WD8BXS

mcHF Firmware Releases (binaries):

mcHF firmware file comes as a .bin file, please unzip and load in Bootloader mode using the Windows utility provided further down this page. – Last release by Clint (KA7OEI) – modified version of with support for the latest revision of the HY28B LCD with ILI9325 controller. Please use this instead of the above if you get ‘Broken TV’ type of noise on your LCD

mcHF Bootloader Files (binaries):

The bootloader is the first file that you have to install in your mcHF after building the hardware. It manages the radio startup and firmware upgrade. Download, unzip and install in DFU mode using the special utility from ST Microelectronics.

mcHF_boot_0.0.0.14 – device bootloader, version 0.14, 21 August 2015

mcHF_boot_0.0.0.9 – device bootloader, version 0.9, 2 March 2014

mcHF Firmware Upgrade Utility:

Upgrading of the mcHF firmware is done via small Windows utility, called mcHFManager.The driver installation file is included in the archive.

mcHFManager – Firmware upgrade utility, latest version 0.1

Firmware Upgrade.pdf – Step by step guide on firmware installation

mcHF Bootloader Install:

DfuSE – latest DFU Utility from ST (scroll to the bottom of the page to download) – direct download of the DFU Utility(if you have problem with ST page)

Bootloader Install.pdf – Step by step guide on installing the bootloader

mcHF 3D Printed/Machined Enclosure:

I have been working for some time on new version of the mcHF enclosure. It has modular construction so it would allow to be either 3D printed or machined from cheap perspex or aluminium. – Latest 3D/CNC enclosure files, updated 24 April 2016 – Those are the SolidWorks project files, if you need to edit/modify/improve

mcHF Source Code:

The mcHF source code is available for download – for amateur experimentation and advancement of the hobby, strictly non commercial use(sales, kits, etc..). I recommend using Clint’s latest source release if you are just starting on the code, as this version do not require any hardware mods on the UI board to work. When you get comfortable with the code, you can join the GitHub development team. – Latest source code from Clint, recommended for starting own development

compilation.pdf – Source code compilation guide

GitHubRepo – Latest development on GitHub

mcHF Design Concepts:

mchf_block.pdf – Block diagram

mcu.pdf – Mcu, power and clocks

front.pdf – Front Panel User Controls

bandpass.pdf – Bandpass filters

codec.pdf – Codec and audio switching

power.pdf – Power supply

antenna.pdf – Antenna Switching and SWR bridge

lowpass.pdf – Lowpass filters

pa.pdf – Power amplifier

tx_mixer.pdf – TX Mixer

quad.pdf – TX Wuad preamp

rx_mixer.pdf – RX Mixer

lo.pdf – Local Oscillator


mcHF_ui  – pdf file(1.31MB), revision 0.3

mcHF_rf – pdf file(2.10MB), revision 0.3

mcHF_ui – zipped Excel file(4.6KB), revision 0.2

mcHF_rf – zipped Excel file(9.3KB), revision 0.2

mchf_ui_schematics_rev01_Dec1_2013 – Schematics for UI board revision 0.1 – mcHF firmware source code, the first Open Source release from me.

mcHF_firm_0.181 – old device firmware, version 0.181, 2 June 2014

ui_board_soldering.pdf – this is the UI board soldering guide, rev 0.4, 2 May 2014

G0MJI Construction Notes – revised – very good pdf made by Brian (G0MJI) on RF board non SMD parts assembly

casing_v0.3.1_latest – the latest STL files for the front, middle and back panels

knobs_and_buttons_v0.1 – the SLT files for printing the encoder knobs and the buttons

casing_v0.2_latest – the latest STL files for the front, middle and back panels compatible with UI PCB v 0.2 ( J1 and J2 are 1mm moved to the middle)

casing_v0.1_latest – the latest STL files for the front, middle and back panels compatible with UI PCB v 0.1