mcHF 0.6.3


UI Board

RF Board

Logic Board


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  1. Mircea

    Hi Chris,

    As good as v6 and v7 look and perform, v8 looks even better.
    Could you please share future plans regarding v8, i.e. how much work it requires, if you are still working on it and most important, when it will be available.

    I see your work as important for the hobby, well done for your efforts so far!

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hello Mircea
      This will be a repeat on similar question. We have been in development for nearly two years now but donโ€™t have any release dates yet. There is still a lot of work needed and this is just before starting beta testing. It is very difficult to put a time frame to a release. Itโ€™s not going to be this calendar year for sure.
      Thank you for you kind words.

  2. Sam

    Hi Chris

    Your photos of the v7 RF board show the original version of T7, while the schematics show the modified T7 with a center tap.

    I have three questions:

    1) which transformer do you recommend? Since the schematics show the modified transformer I am assuming that is the recommended version, for people who can build it
    2) are any other modifications to the schematic required to use the modified version? I.e. the mod docs suggest adding 270 pF and 0.1 uF capacitors as well, although these are not shown on the schematic
    3) what output power have you been able to achieve using the original transformer? It sounds like some people get up to 10 W. What about the modified transformer?

    I know the ‘original’ version works since I have assembled my radio using one and verified that it works, although I can only get ~4 W on 20 m and even less on the higher bands. I can get about 7 W on 80 m which is reasonable, but my aim is 10 W on 80 – 20 m.

    I have also built and tested a modified transformer, but while I believe it is built correctly I cannot get the radio to transmit anything with it installed. Clearly I have made a mistake but it is not obvious where!

    Sam ZL1OBI

  3. Evgeny

    Hi Chris!
    The photo with low pass filters shows that all the toroids have one extra turn of wire (for example, L16-L20-L24 are shown as 8T-9T-8T on the schematic diagram, but they are actually 9-10-9 on the photo).
    Why is that and which is correct?

  4. Danny gm6cmq

    Hello Chris,
    Look interesting, can you put a photo of an assembled unit on the site please, difficult to see how it comes together. I assume the speaker is forward facing next to the display?

    Thanks Danny.

    1. Chris HB9BDM

      Hi Chris
      Congrats on the new version 0.7. Looks good. After I have built 5 of your kits, I am looking forward to this new version. Hope it shall arrive soon. Keep up the good work
      73 Chris

  5. Patrick

    Hello Chris!

    Very nice PCB’s!

    So in this version will you implement a K plug for the mic? It would be great to can use a simple Baofeng or Kenwood mic speaker


        1. Jason W7DM

          I second this recommendation, there are tons of options if using the Kenwood/Baofeng accessory. Big fan of Kenwood hand Mic SMC-34 which could optionally offer three mic PF buttons if a voltage divider detector is added to support them.

  6. Ken Jones

    Chris, do you the boards either made up or as a kit for self assembly.
    What is your e-mail, I cannot find it.
    Or where can I purchase the kit from?
    73’s Ken J. g4aho

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Ken,

      You can get blank PCBs, components kit (not in stock right now) or partially assembled kit (factory SMD parts installed). All on the
      Order page. My e-mail is djchrismarc at gmail.


  7. simon Simpson

    Hi Chris

    I would be interested in a kit or even a built one ๐Ÿ™‚
    Any Idea on cost and when pleas also a mailing list as to when it would be ready ๐Ÿ™‚

    Many Thanks

  8. Frank G6YAQ

    do you have a full kit fparts available?
    if so how much and where can i get them from also a bill of quantities and building schedule availability ,

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Frank,

      No full kit yet. The BOM, schematics and some building guides on the Hardware page, please check the sub menues.



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