The mcHF 3D enclosure files


I have been asked before, and was planning for a long time, but finally uploaded the SolidWorks project files for the latest 3D printed enclosure. This will give everyone the ability to modify, update and improve on them. Or prepare cutting script for CNC machining if needed (if you have HMSXpress plugin). For non-commercial use please.

Direct download


The devil is in the detail

hello everyone,

I haven’t been much active lately, here or on social media. This has been interpreted by some that i got fed up by the project somehow. It would seems there is a large commercial operation in the works, originating somewhere in Germany. Maybe waiting for me to pass the ball.

So, a fellow ham was nice enough to send me some pictures of the Chinese (not the German) clone and as it would look the same as the long time discontinued 0.4 revision of the mcHF, it is not exactly the same.

Deep analysis of the project would reveal that with such simplified design, the devil is in the detail and a small thing like misspelling the word ‘driver’ is nothing to be worried about, well, one should think what else has been rushed in.

One thing that is extremely important is off course are the sampling capacitors in the detector and exciter. There is a reason for using the best and most expensive ones. So getting a 2000 pcs reel that cost as much as one of the proper caps i list in my BOM is a big no-no.

While at it, why not modify at random the PA bias circuit as well. What could go wrong there ?

I guess it is getting boring now, so the best mod here is the Chinified BPFs:

So yeah, if you making an RF circuit, if all possible, use multi-layer inductors – good result guaranteed.

Anyway, why do i care about all this – well, apparently i suppose to give support for the clones as well. And usually i don’t do investigations when a colleague e-mails me for help. So yes, it is bit frustrating.

I hope this was informative enough, and i am still actively working on the project. The good news is that my wife (Lucy) has joined me and from now on i will have more time to dedicate on the actual development, instead of Admin tasks.


Some limited stock availabe


As i had many of the same question, but it is not possible to reply to each one of them – i am not sure when i will have the Full Kit back in stock.

But right now i have few pieces RF boards with SMD parts done by the factory, also some Components Kits. Please check it out on the Order page if interested.

I will try to make sure i have regular stock of the Components Kits, although not in huge quantity, until i got the Full Kits back.

Thanks everyone for your patience and support of the project!


Going away notice


I will be away for a week and will not be able to process any orders. Please if you need a kit or boards, place any orders before tomorrow lunch time GMT(Wed 12th July). After that i will disable the Order page for few days, sorry about that. I will also have limited ability to respond to support requests via e-mail, apologies in advance for that.

73, Chris

Correct position of D5/D6


As a follow up on my previous post, here how to replace the D5 and D6. The white multi-line on the component is the cathode. On the PCB footprint, rounded corners on one side indicate the cathode position. As they say, a picture is better than 1000 words:

(click for larger view)

And while removing the old parts, please make sure you follow the common sense approach:

  1. Wet the place with lots of liquid flux
  2. Replace solder on the pads with good quality 60/40 lead solder
  3. Heat up with enough heat (320 deg C) and alternate between two pads. Use absolute minimum force. Or use solder braid to heat up both pads the same time
  4. Clean the pad from flux before soldering the replacement part


Complete Kit v 0.6 Assembly Error


Unfortunately there has been an assembly error on the v 0.6 complete kit. Wrong component has been installed for D5 and D6 on the RF board. Although same component is used for D1 as well, it is not critical to change it. But D5/D6 are part of the SWR/PWR bridge and it is important to install the correct component. Please check if your RF board looks like that:

And if yes, please drop me a mail with your postal address. I will send you the correct replacement parts, free of charge.

I am sorry for the trouble, it was my error causing wrong BOM file sent to the factory.

73, Chris


Complete kit v 0.6 is in stock


After the long wait, the complete kit, v 0.6 is available. It is no different than the v 0.5 kit – two PCBs (UI and RF) with pre-installed SMD parts from factory, two plastic bags with post assembly components that you need to install and LCD. Again no speaker or final mosfets. Lots of information about the new revision on my Downloads page.


Kits and PCBs out of stock


Temporary the components kit is out of stock, due to shortage of v 0.6 PCBs. I will get some next week hopefully and can offer blank boards and the components kit again. Sorry about this everyone.

The only thing i have ready to ship is few v 0.5 RF blank boards, if anyone is interested.