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Partially assembled UI board factory soldered smd parts)
Partially assembled RF board (factory soldered smd parts)
– Post assembly as shown on images (soldering  required )
– 2.8 inch LCD
– Mosfets RD-16HHF1
– CPU is programmed with bootloader, eeprom and firmware

Currently supplied revision: 0.6.3

All documentation here.

Please note: No case and speaker with this kit. Tall aluminium capacitors are supplied but not factory soldered.

Tools needed: Soldering iron with solder 60/40 and a liquid flux pen. Multi-meter.
Optional tools: Oscilloscope and LC meter

Power: Needs 12V Linear power supply

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After you purchase the chosen configuration of mcHF, we email you a few files with general instructions that will help you to start the process. This is more of a quick start, and you should make use of all information on our Download Page and the Archive section. Lately, I have been distributing a video kindly made by Paul, OM0ET with all steps of the process. A separate email is sent with tracking information on your package.

We also send you an invitation to the IO group that is dedicated to mcHF. IO group is a replacement of the old Yahoo group. We have loaded the File sections with documentation, pictures and links that have been a collective knowledge of many people who have already before gone through the build. Whatever hiccup you may be having along the way, someone probably in the Group has gone through the same and will share and help. Many of the members have built more than one kit.

The Team doing the builds for the US, Europe, Brazil is also on the members’ list. In other words – Expertise is there!

To benefit, please make sure you fill your email address correctly on the form. We don’t store any information; we don’t spam emails, and we don’t send newsletters. You are safe!

Facebook is another large group of helpful Hams, if you prefer that platform.


Our product is a DIY kit, and as such, we don’t offer warranty.

Pcb’s are factory-tested. We do program the CPU with bootloader, eeprom, and firmware, and we also test each Lcd display for a minimum of 4 hours. We very rarely happen to have cases reporting defective chips, and this is dealt with on a case-to-case basis with open communication via email. We find this to be the most efficient method that carries well throughout all time zones.


Our shipping is defaulted to Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, local and worldwide, in order to keep the overall cost of our product as low as possible.

If you have preferences for a courier service, please email us with full address, and I’ll forward you individual quotes upon which you can make your choice.

We don’t ship to P.O. Boxes; please make sure you enter a valid address on your form.


Please note: We can-not issue an invoice for items you purchased via PayPal. If you have any specific requirements for personal or business reasons, please contact us beforehand so we can customise your purchase if the platform allows it.