mcHF Kit Fully Built- European Union ONLY


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Fully Build mcHF – EUROPEAN UNION ONLY (Reminder: UK is not in the European Union)

Purchase this product in 2 Simple Steps:

Step One: Pay for your mcHF kit and case ( £306 does not incl assembly fee )

Step Two: Purchase the assembly service with DHL shipping to your address from roWaves Technologies website. Click on the link to be transferred: Assembly Service Page, HERE

Information on what this service includes and FAQs are listed on the Assembly Page.

Please note: mcHF is a home DIY transceiver that is supplied in a kit form. The cases we provide are not manufactured for this kit and are not aimed to provide a factory-sealed product. roWaves Technologies mount the PCBs and perform all adjustments with the best effort but on occasions, there will be not enough tolerance in the length of the shells. On these occasions, it’s not possible to accomplish perfectly centered alignment on the jacks, connectors, or side panel seal.


Please note: We can not issue an invoice for items you purchased via PayPal. If you have any specific requirements for personal or business reasons, please contact us beforehand so we can customise your purchase if the platform allows it.

Our product is Open Source

Currently supplied revision: 0.6.3

Power: Needs 12V, 4A Linear power supply

– Partially assembled UI board (factory soldered smd parts)
– Partially assembled RF board (factory soldered smd parts)
– Post assembly parts are soldered and adjusted by the builder
– 2.8 inch LCD
– Metal case (All DIY adjustments made)
– Mosfets RD-16HHF1
– CPU is programmed with bootloader, eeprom and firmware